Citrix Certification Training

his course provides students and professionals alike the knowledge of installing, configuring and managing a XenApp and XenServer environment.

Why should you learn Citrix Certification Training?

Citrix Certification Training is a well-known American business that offers software devised to promote safe and secure access to content and applications. Citrix provides products for Linux, Windows, and Macintosh platforms. The corporation was established in 1989 and has offices in various countries at present all over the globe. It is one of the leading providers in Virtualization technologies. A few of the virtualization products and services they have in their line-up are among the best.

Citrix is an organization which primarily deals with the technology of virtualization and the Cloud. It does have an extensive array of products and services from Access Gateway to XenApp, to XenDesktop, to XenServer and more. XenApp is an application virtualization product, XenDesktop is a Desktop virtualization product, while XenServer is a Hypervisor. By utilizing these Citrix products, we can perform optimum virtualization and virtualize hardware resources of the environment structure. Citrix is pretty much more cost-effective in comparison to its VMware counterparts.

Simply2cloud allows you to have the knowledge and skills needed to jump start your career as a Citrix Specialist. You will procure an in-depth understanding of the primary services in Citrix.

Apart from helping you master the storage and infrastructure perspectives of the Citrix cloud, the curriculum outlined by this Citrix course will help you to acquire comprehensive knowledge and skills on how to plan, create, develop, and scale the services and applications within Citrix. This course will be a great start if you are planning to pass any Cloud Architect vendor certification exams soon.

Citrix introduced seven new solutions-based certifications to support the ever-changing needs of IT organizations and professionals in early 2014. There are three categories for these certifications – associate, professional, and expert. These credentials are an excellent way to show you have the real-world expertise and skills needed to implement robust Citrix solutions, and in return may result in better financial benefits to you as well.

Whether you are on the lookout for your first Citrix certification or is on a quest to earn an advanced certification, we are here to help you prepare with accredited Citrix training. We are more than happy to help you upgrade your old certifications to the latest ones with upgrade suggestions.

Who should sign up:

This course is excellent for those who are aspiring to handle the Citrix infrastructure. It can be most beneficial for IT professionals, especially engineers, system integrators, automation specialists, system administrators, private Cloud administrators, and solutions architects who need to create, deploy, manage and administer a cloud. The training ensures the skills and knowledge necessary for developing and performing cloud solutions efficiently.

These are just some of the core concepts and tools you will learn in this course through advanced lectures, real-world projects, and relevant exercises:


The Citrix training course at simply2cloud comes with a few essentials. Aspiring applicants should have a basic understanding of hardware infrastructures, software infrastructures, virtualization technologies, operating systems, software engineering concepts and data center facilities. Coding and hardware networking are skills that may also come in handy.

Course Syllabus

  • Overview of Cloud Computing
    • Why this course
    • Overview of Cloud computing
    • Overview of virtualization
    • Creating account on VMWARE portal
    • Introduction of portal services
  • Citrix Architect
  • Citrix Details
  • Live Project