The S2C Cloud Architect Professional Program is designed to equip you with the management and technical knowledge .

Why should you learn the Cloud Professional Program?

The IT industry is flourishing with a ton of possibilities ever since the emergence of CLOUD ARCHITECT PROFESSIONAL PROGRAM in the past several years. Cloud technology adoption grows at an ever-increasing pace.

CLOUD ARCHITECT PROFESSIONAL PROGRAM with a good arsenal of cloud computing skills will remain to be in need because of the increase in the development of Cloud Computing. The demand for industry standard cloud certifications is exceptionally high, and so will undoubtedly heighten one’s career in Information Technology.

If you are a rookie in the field of cloud computing, we believe it’s best if you begin with a foundational course that will show you the basics of the trade. We at simply2cloud will guide and help you understand the uses and advantages of cloud computing as well as the types of cloud services available in the market today. It will also teach you about the frameworks and standards that better support cloud implementations.

Once you learn the fundamentals of the industry, you’ll be ready to get a better idea of which vendors you’re most intrigued and which area interests you. You can then decide on which particular cloud certification to proceed based on this. Nevertheless, if you already have a good idea regarding the cloud computing industry and is eager in taking up a program to build your career, this will be perfect for it.


Certification is one proof of establishing your credibility and demonstrating your skills. Gaining credentials would open up options for you to work on Cloud optimized projects, or give customers a credible subject-matter specialist.

Simply2cloud allows you to have the knowledge and skills needed to jump start your career as a Cloud Professional. You will procure an in-depth understanding of the primary services in the Cloud.

Apart from helping you master the storage and infrastructure perspectives of the Cloud environment, the curriculum outlined by this Cloud Professional Program course will help you to acquire comprehensive knowledge and skills on how to plan, create, develop, and scale the services and applications within the cloud. This course will be a great start if you are planning to pass any Cloud Architect vendor certification exams soon.

Professionals with good cloud computing knowledge and skills are in high demand, and a full range of businesses are presently trying to search for well-equipped employees. Throughout the years, no other field of IT has achieved as much interest, investment, and hype as cloud computing does.

Who should sign up:

This course is excellent for those who are aspiring to handle a Cloud infrastructure. It can be most beneficial for IT professionals, especially engineers, system integrators, automation specialists, system administrators, private Cloud administrators, and solutions architects who need to create, deploy, manage and administer a cloud. The training ensures the skills and knowledge necessary for developing and performing cloud solutions efficiently.

These are just some of the core concepts and tools you will learn in this course through advanced lectures, real-world projects, and relevant exercises:

  • S3 Bucket
  • EFS
  • VNET
  • VPC
  • CDN Profiles
  • MySQL
  • SQL
  • Storage
  • RDS
  • Machine Learning
  • Load Balancer
  • CLI
  • Formation


The CLOUD ARCHITECT PROFESSIONAL PROGRAM course at simply2cloud comes with a few essentials. Aspiring applicants should have a basic understanding of hardware infrastructures, software infrastructures, virtualization technologies, operating systems, software engineering concepts and data center facilities. Coding and hardware networking are skills that may also come in handy.

Course Syllabus

  • Overview of Cloud Computing
    • Why this course
    • Overview of Cloud computing
    • Overview of virtualization
    • Creating account on VMWARE portal
    • Introduction of portal services
    • Managing GCP Environment
    • GCloud
  • AWS Storage
    • Understanding AWS storage
    • Knowledge about S3, EFS, Glacier
    • Storage Gateway
  • Azure Database management
    • Understanding Databases
    • Configuring RDS
    • Migrating local SQL
  • AZURE Storage
    • Understanding AZURE storage
    • Knowledge about S3, EFS, Glacier
    • Storage Gateway
  • Azure Network management
    • Understanding & implementing VNet
    • Understanding and implementing load balancing
    • Understanding and implementing auto scaling
    • Managing CDN Profile
  • Live Project