Google Cloud Certification Training

This course has been designed with an architectural approach which focuses in helping you build a strong foundation with google Cloud.

Why should you learn Google Cloud Certification Training?

Launched way back in 2011, the Google Cloud Platform is the youngest platform in the market. It is a cloud computing service by Google that provides hosting on the same supporting infrastructure that it utilizes internally for end-user services like YouTube and Google Search. It gives developer products to create a variety of applications from plain websites to sophisticated programs. Plus, it is an operating and hardware environment of servers in an Internet-based data center. The software foundation of Cloud computing service incorporates a few applications by which users can create and operate their accounts.

Several companies are now moving from on-premise servers to cloud-based services. GCP is one of the cheapest choices available out there. By learning GCP, you get to recognize the technologies behind Google’s operations and facilities. It is adding a lot of new services and is continuously evolving. At present, it is one of the most reliable cloud-based service providers which you can leverage in your application if you understand them.

Google holds various solutions in each of these categories:

  • Compute: this is the component of the platform that you run the code.
  • Storage: what kind of storage or database tool you will use.
  • Data processing: for large-scale data processing, what type of data processing engine or pipeline you’ll employ. Comparable to computing, yet prioritizing processing very high volumes of data.

Simply2cloud allows you to have the knowledge and skills needed to jump start your career as a Google Cloud Specialist by getting  Google Cloud Certification Training in Rohini, Delhi. You will procure an in-depth understanding of the primary services in Google Cloud.

Apart from helping you master the storage and infrastructure perspectives of the Google cloud, the curriculum outlined by this Google Cloud course will help you to acquire comprehensive knowledge and skills on how to plan, create, develop, and scale the services and applications within GCP. This course will be a great start if you are planning to pass any Cloud Architect vendor certification exams soon.

Organizations who use Google Cloud finds it extremely challenging to search for developers who have the experience in it. As a result, what they do is employ AWS people and teach them GCP right after. Hence you’ll be an exceptional talent and will undoubtedly be favored. There are limited developers for this platform, so salary packages are great if you develop your abilities in Google Cloud.

Who should sign up:

This course is excellent for those who are aspiring to handle the Google Cloud infrastructure. It can be most beneficial for IT professionals, especially engineers, system integrators, automation specialists, system administrators, private Cloud administrators, and solutions architects who need to create, deploy, manage and administer a cloud. The training ensures the skills and knowledge necessary for developing and performing cloud solutions efficiently.

These are just some of the core concepts and tools you will learn in this course through advanced lectures, real-world projects, and relevant exercises:

  • Overview of Cloud Computing
  • Implementation of Computing Services
  • Google Cloud Storage Management
  • Google Cloud Network Management
  • Live Projects


The Google Cloud Certification Training at simply2cloud which is in Rohini, Delhi comes with a few essentials. Aspiring applicants should have a basic understanding of hardware infrastructures, software infrastructures, virtualization technologies, operating systems, software engineering concepts and data center facilities. Coding and hardware networking are skills that may also come in handy.

Course Syllabus

  • Overview of Cloud Computing
    • Why this course
    • Overview of Cloud computing
    • Overview of virtualization
    • Creating account on VMWARE portal
    • Introduction of portal services
    • Managing GCP Environment
    • GCloud
    • Understanding cloud storage
    • Nearline, coldline
    • Cloud SQL
    • Cloud Spanner
    • Cloud data store
    • Cloud virtual network
    • Virtual private network
    • Virtual private cloud
  • Live Project