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In this Section we’ll discuss the Qualities for Hiring a Cloud Professional. There is an increasing amount of IT jobs that demand the ability to either create or interface with cloud computing systems and services. One report predicts that only around five percent of the IT workforce is “cloud ready.” Whether or not this is true, it does lead to a market that is accelerating quicker than the skills ready to keep up with it.

Qualities for Hiring a Cloud Professional

For inventing the cloud computing-related jobs of today and tomorrow, these kinds of qualities stand-out in every job application:

Innovation skills and vision

This skill is possibly the most significant, and the most disregarded. Cloud is more than merely a swap from an in-house computer to an external service. It’s more than a monthly cost versus a capital expenditure. It signifies a whole new form of doing business. An entrepreneur launching a new company needs to know how to welcome cloud computing resources to begin and form his or her venture. A marketing manager can run simulations and access resources on cloud platforms to devise and experiment new promotions. An IT manager can perform hyper-flexibility in business technology, allowing the business to merge, partner and rapidly grow without being hindered by system limits. The cloud can build an entire industry.

Vendor relationship and negotiating skills

This is one that we need to consider for looking Qualities for Hiring a Cloud Professional. As with anything in the business world, business is business. Cloud and Software-as-a-Service providers need to stay in business and are not expected to cut customers slack in many fields. As pointed out in the latest survey of cloud customers, issued by Stanford Technology Law Review, buyers need to be ready to assert their organizations’ best interests on the issues of data availability, service interruptions, service-level agreements, physical location, and intellectual property rights.

Project management skills, leadership, and business communications

For looking Qualities for Hiring a Cloud Professional we should consider Project management skills, their leadership and business communication as well. A job description that asks for cloud proficiency also must establish the critical reason for moving to cloud in the first place: to better the business. There is a need for Cloud to be bought by a company, its resources marshaled, and support needs to brought throughout the organization.

Business architectural, planning and analysis skills

Cloud computing services should not spring up in a vacuum. In the long run, possessing a tangle of cloud services obtained without rhyme or reason of a hundred corporate credit cards ends up being far, far costlier than the on-premises methods they are meant to substitute. Call it a typical example of JBOC’s architecture — or just a stack of cloud services. Enterprise and service-oriented architecture should be the basis of the architecture that should be in place in which IT and the business come together to map out their requirements, and how technology purchases will apply into that road map.

Technical proficiency

While this is the last category on the list, every professional or manager who uses or produces cloud services needs some level of technical savvy. Technical-level jobs demand software engineering proficiency at developing cloud-ready applications, such as those created on open standards, network development and monitoring abilities, and security skills.

So there you have it. It doesn’t matter if you are a non-tech business professional or technology master. Cloud computing is reshaping your job, and the knowledge to be savvy with cloud resources can determine career progress. For IT professionals, it means a better understanding of the business. For business professionals, it means a better understanding of information technology.

We hope this helps. All the best. Happy learning!