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At Simply2cloud, we recognize the diversity in learning preferences. That's why we offer programs in Classroom, Live Interactive, and Online Guided formats, ensuring tailored learning experiences for every individual.

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Why become an AWS Certified solutions architect, or why get any IT certification for that matter? Now, I have argued all my life that we can’t discriminate IT talent based on certifications an individual holds, but unfortunately it does not matter what I think. The industry is heavily in favor of certified individuals and I finally see the rationale behind it. Like any standardized exam, it is an even scale for employers to screen the candidates. At the minimum, it will help you bag the right interview, if not the job itself.

Learning should never stop, be it for a fresher, or a seasoned professional. The demand for certified IT individuals, especially in the field of Cloud Computing, has skyrocketed in the last few years and professionals with the right certification are demanding the highest salaries in the market. Most of the top professional certification programs are designed and certified by tech giants like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, etc. This is why top online certificate programs are widely accepted by employers and are helping students and employees to leverage them for their career growth.

Let’s explore what is Cloud computing before you embark on the journey and make this your career choice. Cloud computing is one of the hottest and highest paid fields in the IT industry. So the question you all must ask is what is Cloud computing and why so much buzz around it? In simple and laymans words, cloud computing allows businesses to outsource much of the hassle and worry of IT, and eliminate large investments in computer hardware.

Job security for cloud experts is inherent because every company is looking to move its data centers to the public Cloud, with AWS the most widely accepted public cloud. You would be surprised that only 4-6% of the companies are focusing on the Cloud and yet it has created such a big buzz? Why? Note that there has been a 100% increase in this niche. Imagine the market when the adoption increases to 50% or more.


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I’m truly grateful for Simply2cloud’s platform! The flexibility in learning and the depth of content provided me with a solid understanding of cloud computing. The practical approach helped me apply my knowledge effectively in real-world scenarios.



Enrolling in Simply2cloud was the best decision I made. The course structure was well-organized, and the real-world projects gave me hands-on experience. The support from the instructors was exceptional, ensuring my success in transitioning to a cloud-focused career.



Simply2cloud has been a game-changer for my career. The comprehensive courses and expert mentors helped me gain a deep understanding of cloud technologies. I landed my dream job, all thanks to Simply2cloud’s guidance!

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learn aws course

AWS Course

  • 20 Lectures
  • Duration: 2.5 months
  • Fee 14,999

Microsoft Azure Course

  • 24 Lectures
  • 45+ Hrs Duration
  • Fee 14,999

Hardware & Networking Course

  • 20 Lectures
  • 43+ Hrs Duration
  • Fee 14,999


  • 24 Lectures
  • 45+ Hrs Duration
  • Fee 14,999

Google Cloud

  • 27 Lectures
  • 55+ Hrs Duration
  • Fee 14,999


  • 24 Lectures
  • 45+ Hrs Duration
  • Fee 14,999


  • 20 Lectures
  • 40+ Hrs Duration
  • Fee 14,999

Diploma In Cloud Computing

  • 24 Lectures
  • 45+ Hrs Duration
  • Fee 80,000

Cloud Computing

  • 22 Lectures
  • 40+ Hrs Duration
  • Fee 40,000

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