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AI Certification Course

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

  • Duration : 6 months
  • Fees :

  • USA Internship
  • Certificate
  • Projects

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Why enroll for AI Course?

AI certifications rank high in tech globally. Master ML, NLP, computer vision for innovation and growth.

Market analysts predict the AI market to soar to $1,386.14 billion by 2030, showing a robust annual growth rate of 21.4%.

ZipRecruiter reports that AI professionals typically command an annual salary between $95,853 and $150,332.

Why AI Course from Simply2Cloud

Instructor-Led Expertise

Learn from industry veterans in live online sessions, ensuring interactive, real-time knowledge transfer and personalized mentorship.

Live Project Exposure

Gain invaluable work experience on live projects, bridging the gap between academic theories and real-world applications.


One-Month U.S. Internship

Step into the professional world with a one-month internship in a U.S.-based company, offering a unique opportunity to apply your skills in a dynamic business environment.

Adherence to ITIL Best Practices

Our curriculum is aligned with ITIL best practices, ensuring you are well-versed in the globally recognized framework for IT service management.

Practical Industry Experience

Delve into the nuances of test and production environments, equipping yourself with practical skills that are highly sought after in the industry.

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About your AI Course

Foundations in Artificial Intelligence Training

Web Scraping Basics

AI Fundamentals

ChatGPT Introduction

Advanced ChatGPT Techniques

Gen AI Prompt Engineering

Practical Gen AI Applications

Building ChatBots with ChatGPT

ChatBot Design Principles

AWS Deployment Essentials

Deploying ChatBots on AWS

Optimization Strategies

Maintenance and Troubleshooting

AI Training and Certification Tools Covered

AI Course Syllabus

Curriculum Designed by Experts

Introduction to Lead Generation GPTs
Understanding Tools: Assistant API
Planning Custom Actions
Building the Solar Assistant Chatbot
Integrating Lead Capture for Business Growth
Connecting GPTs to WhatsApp
Introduction to Web Scraping
Using BeautifulSoup for Web Scraping
Scraping Dynamic Pages
Using Selenium for Web Scraping

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AI Course Description

What key concepts are covered in this course?
  • This course covers fundamental principles of artificial intelligence, including machine learning.
  • It also includes instruction on web scraping techniques, ChatGPT proficiency from basic to advanced levels, prompt engineering with Gen AI principles, and building ChatBots with ChatGPT.
How will this course help me in my career?
  • By mastering AI fundamentals, you’ll have a solid foundation for pursuing various roles in artificial intelligence, data science, and related fields.
  • Proficiency in web scraping and ChatGPT will enhance your ability to work with data and develop advanced AI applications.
  • Understanding prompt engineering with Gen AI principles will enable you to optimize AI models for specific tasks and domains.
  • Learning to build and deploy ChatBots on AWS will equip you with practical skills for implementing AI solutions in real-world scenarios, which is valuable for career advancement.
What practical skills will I gain from this course?
  • You’ll learn how to scrape and process data from websites efficiently for use in AI applications.
  • You’ll gain proficiency in working with ChatGPT for natural language processing and conversation generation.
  • You’ll develop skills in prompt engineering to enhance the performance of AI models.
  • You’ll learn how to design, build, and deploy ChatBots on AWS, gaining hands-on experience in implementing AI solutions in the cloud.
How is the course structured?
  • The course is structured to provide a comprehensive understanding of AI fundamentals followed by practical application development.
  • It includes lectures, hands-on exercises, and projects to reinforce learning and practical skills development.
  • Each topic is covered in depth, starting from basic concepts and progressing to more advanced techniques.
What prerequisites do I need for this course?
  • This course is suitable for individuals with a basic understanding of programming and computer science concepts.
  • Familiarity with Python programming language would be beneficial but is not required.
  • A willingness to learn and experiment with new technologies and concepts is essential for success in this course.

Get USA Internship And Live Projects

Get USA Internship

We offer an exceptional opportunity for students pursuing our AWS Training Course by providing access to US internships. This hands-on experience allows our learners to apply their acquired knowledge in real-world settings, gaining invaluable practical insights and enhancing their skills. Our US internships enable students to work on cutting-edge projects, collaborate with industry professionals, and propel their careers in cloud computing to new heights.

Work on live projects

At Simply2Cloud Institute, we take your AWS Training and Cloud Computing education to the next level by offering you the unique opportunity to work on US Live Projects. These projects provide a real-world context for applying your skills, allowing you to gain practical experience and a deep understanding of cloud computing technologies. By collaborating on these live projects, you’ll not only strengthen your proficiency in AWS but also develop problem-solving abilities, teamwork, and the confidence to tackle complex challenges in the field.


AI Certification FAQs

What do I need to learn to complete these certifications?

To complete any of these certifications, you’ll need to master fundamental AI concepts such as machine learning algorithms, neural networks, and deep learning techniques. Additionally, proficiency in practical skills like data preprocessing, model training, and evaluation is essential. Specific topics may vary depending on the certification provider.

Am I eligible for these certifications?

Eligibility requirements vary for each certification. Generally, having a basic understanding of programming languages like Python and familiarity with fundamental concepts in mathematics and statistics is recommended. However, specific prerequisites may vary, so it’s essential to review the eligibility criteria provided by each certifying body.

What are the certification fees?

Certification fees vary depending on the certifying body and the specific certification program. Some certifications offer free online courses with the option to pay for a certificate upon completion, while others require payment upfront for enrollment in a certification exam or training program. It’s advisable to check the certification provider’s website for current fee information.

How long are these certifications valid?

The validity period of these certifications varies depending on the certifying body and the specific certification program. Typically, certifications are valid for a certain number of years before they need to be renewed or updated through continuing education or recertification exams. It’s important to check the expiration date of your certification and plan for recertification accordingly.

What career opportunities can I pursue after obtaining these certifications?

Upon obtaining any of these certifications, you can pursue various career opportunities in fields such as data science, machine learning engineering, AI research, and software development. Certified professionals are in high demand across industries seeking to leverage AI technologies for innovation and business growth. Each certification provides a pathway to advance your career and demonstrate your expertise in artificial intelligence.

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