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Placement Gurantee Course

Full Stack Development Course with Guaranteed Placement 

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6 months


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Full Stack Devlopment Internship

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On-demand classes

Industry-level projects

Soft skills training

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On-demand classes

Industry-level projects

Soft skills training

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Full Stack Development Placement Guarantee Course Details

200 hours of learning

2 courses

3 industry level projects

3 industry level projects

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Week 1: Immersive Cloud Technology Training

3 Modules Day 1-5


We will review the fundamentals of cloud technologies that will be applied for this project. You are expected to have already studied and mastered these technologies as a prerequisite to this internship, and we will provide you a refresher on relevant technology stack.

Day 1-5: Cloud Technology Fundamentals

Intensive training on cloud computing fundamentals.
Introduction to key cloud services, infrastructure, and best practices.
Specific training on the CRM technologies (Django, Vite, Postgres RDS, networking, databases, ECec2).

Week 2: Business Requirement Gathering and Solution Design

6 Modules Day 6-10


During this week of the program, we focus on requirements gathering for the project, which will drive the solution design. We will also get to learn about the overall architecture of the CRM product that is used in this program.

Day 6: Business Requirement Gathering

Focus on effective techniques for gathering business requirements.
Gather business requirements for CRM deployment.
Overview of the current CRM architecture and potential improvements.

Day 7-10: Research, Design, and Presentation

Research on CRM deployment best practices.
Daily design sessions to craft high and low-level architecture solutions incorporating CRM into architecture solutions.
Final day dedicated to presenting architecture solutions with CRM integration.

Week 3: Refinement and Mock Pitches

7 Modules Day 11-15


This week we focus more on presenting the solution to stakeholders, soliciting their feedback, and incorporating that feedback in the final solution design. 

Day 11: Business Requirement Gathering and CRM Refinement

Gather additional CRM-related business requirements.
Refinement of solutions, specifically focusing on CRM integration.


Day 12-14: Solution Refinement and Mock Pitches with CRM Emphasis

Interns refine their CRM solutions based on mentor feedback.
Daily mock pitches to simulate real-world presentations, ensuring CRM architecture updates are highlighted.
Detailed feedback sessions to enhance communication and persuasion skills.


Day 15: Final Solution Presentation with CRM Integration

Present refined solutions, emphasizing the architectural changes and solution.
Discuss how the architecture enhances CRM functionalities.

Week 4: Stakeholder Presentations, Final Assessments, and Interview Preparation

5 Modules Day 16-20


This week we focus on presenting the solution to business/executive stakeholders, as well as to technical/architecture stakeholders.

Day 16-20: Stakeholder Presentations and Final Assessments

Interns present solutions daily to simulated CEOs: CxO Relevancy (non-technical discussion)
Separate Session with Senior Developer: CxO Relevancy (technical discussion)
Separate sessions with developers: Attend an on call meeting to answer questions if the junior developers have questions for the senior developers and architect.
Production Design: Include Scalability, Availability, Security and Resiliency using AWS solutions (Cloudfront, Autoscaling, ALB, Multi-AZ, Read-Replica Database)
Review of Production Architecture by our Lead Cloud Architect + Feedback followed by the design we chose to use in the end.

(Optional) Week 5:

5 Modules Day 21-25


If you need some practice on interview preparation, this week is for you. We will lead you through mock interview scenarios, provide feedback and expert tips, and make you feel ready and confident to enter the job market. 

Day 21-22: One-on-One Interview Preparation

Individual coaching sessions with hiring managers, discussing CRM scenarios.
Mock interview scenarios and feedback to prepare interns for real-world interviews. (CRM/Resume scenarios added)


Day 23-25: Final Assessments and Closing Ceremony

Interns present their refined solutions to a panel of executives, including the CEO.
Q&A sessions to test knowledge and adaptability.
Closing ceremony with certificates and personalized feedback for each intern.