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Cloud Computing is in demand for the past few years and the growth is massive. With a lot of big companies migrating to the cloud computing platform, the value of the certifications they provide has increased a lot.

Professionals in IT along with Cloud certifications are the most sought-after candidates in the IT market. Their demand is increasing by the day and is sure to keep ascending. With the passage of time, we need to keep upgrading our knowledge and skill sets in order to be abreast of the latest technological changes.

Cloud computing is a massive industry. This field consists of so many facets and it makes answering this question a bit confusing.

There are 3 main types of cloud computing systems

Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS) –

Where the service includes computing resources over the internet, the biggest example of this is cloud storage systems like that of Amazon Web Services.
Amazon Web Services save huge amounts of money for companies who deal with large amounts of data. Data stored here is safe and protected against damage from disaster. According to Forbes, AWS has captured 31% of the market’s share since 2006 and continues to lead the cloud infrastructure market. You can enroll in our online AWS courses to become a certified AWS professional. This is a highly demanded skill as more and more companies are moving to the cloud.

Platform as a Service (PAAS) –

Where the service includes underlying infrastructure like hardware and operating systems,an example of this would be SAS. With SAS, you can make data analysis easier. While SAS is a cloud platform, it is not usually considered in the realm of cloud computing. SAS belongs more in the field of data analysis.

Software as a Service –

Where the service includes the use of applications over web systems, it eliminates the need for individual system management. Outlook is an example of this as well as Google Apps and Salesforce.

Let me list down for you the best and most demanded Cloud Computing certifications.

1. AWS Training & Certification Courses

Amazon Web Services offers a suite of cloud-computing services that make up an on-demand computing platform.

2. CompTIA Training & Certification Courses

CompTIA is a leading non-profit trade association generating leads of various IT professionals in a digitally connected world.

It is dedicated to grooming students & professionals through educational programs, professional networking events and certifications.

The association has been successful enough to develop and deliver programs in the spheres of networking, security, computing support, Linux development and cloud mobility.

3. Microsoft Training & Certification Courses

Microsoft Learning Partner provides a lush of essential training courses having the quirks of Microsoft Office Applications, Virtualization, Cloud Computations, Database Management, Desktop Applications and other Microsoft products and technologies.

Microsoft certification training courses help students and professionals to operate and manage a robust environment led by Microsoft tools and technologies.

4. VMware Training Courses

VMware is a global leader in building the foundations of Virtualization technology.

It has been accredited in delivering world-class certification courses to IT professionals helping them to develop the necessary skills and technical competence in VMWare cloud environments.

It indulges in building a platform for server and desktop virtualization through the augmentation of its new technologies such as software-defined storage and network specialization.

So there you have it, the major cloud computing certifications that is most in-demand in today’s IT world. I hope this helps you pick the one that best suits to you considering your prior experience (if any), your interests and your plans on shaping your career. All the Best, Good Luck and Happy Learning!