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Cloud computing is changing the face of IT industry and India has adapted to the cloud in the most progressive way. Majority of companies are allocating huge shares of their revenues for cloud. With these trends, the future of cloud computing in India seems promising.

“According to Gartner, cloud shift will impact more than $1 trillion in IT spending.”

Before discussing the future of this disruptive force, let’s understand what does it mean and why it is so powerful…

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is delivering the computing services like database, analytics, servers, software, storage, networking etc – over cloud (i.e., the internet).
We usually use cloud computing for the followings:

• Create new apps & services
• Deliver software
• Host websites
• Store, backup and recover data
• Analyze data for patterns and make predictions
• Video streaming

Why Cloud Computing Comes out to be so Powerful?

1.  Cost – It’s Way Too Less

Since the entire processes are on the internet, therefore, it eliminates capital cost.

2. Global scalability – Easy &On Time

The major advantage of cloud is it helps scale easily. This means it helps in delivering the right amount of IT resources at the right time and right place.

3. Speed – On Demand Resources

Since cloud computing services can be provisioned in minutes, it gives flexibility to the businesses and removes pressures around capacity planning.

And more…

Cloud Computing in India

These benefits of cloud computing is helping establish a strong foothold in the Indian markets and thereby, increasing demands in both professional training and cloud services.

The graph shows increase in cloud services market in India from 2015 to 2020.

The opportunities in India are, therefore, increasing day by day. Companies need cloud services today. The demand of both the services and training requirements are high in India, however, supply is still not sufficient.

“IT Architects earn INR 2,000,000 in India.”

Here’s an overview of what individuals with cloud computing skills are earning:

As per the reports of Computerworld survey, 25% of the interviewers were looking for individuals with cloud computing skills. Here are the estimated median salary of employees with cloud computing knowledge:

• Solutions Architect: 1,549,417
• Technical Architect: 1,720,354
• IT Architect: 1,846,893
• Senior Architect Consultant: 1,265,381

What does this mean?

I feel cloud computing will no longer be an option. Therefore, it would be rewarding if:
1. You learn cloud computing skills from the best cloud computing institutes in order to upgrade job opportunities.
2. Provide cloud computing services to companies in need.