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As far as Android is concerned, it has a very awesome future ahead. Everything is going to mobile these days, from shopping your clothes, booking movie tickets, booking railway tickets, to ordering vegetables to your doorstep. There are lots of things needed to be moved to mobile now.


Android mobiles are currently the favored decision of working officials, housewives and senior residents from the Middle pay bunches, school goers, and high-schoolers. Android applications development will undoubtedly develop all together to take care of the demand from an assorted segment of supporters.

Android applications have acted the hero of portable users hoping to charm the cutting edge portable clients, who are continually looking for new, difficult and helpful applications that permit them to modify or customize the generally standard gadget.

Most of the Android developer work for companies in India are working as freelancers and very few are working on their own idea. If you have a great idea that can change the way of anything, (like WhatsApp that took the text chat on another level, it is so easy to use that everybody wants it first on their smartphone) you have to initiate on it and have it materialize.

In India, so many companies are hiring an Android developer (almost 6 of 10) and startups are offering a really handsome package to a smart developer.

IT professionals, developing for Android, are on hiring list at this time among hiring managers. It is among the top 10 popular technologies not only across the nation but overseas as well.

Among enterprises, Android App developers are in great demand, and this demand is further reported to grow beyond leaps and bounds. This simply means that upon gaining Android training and getting certified, you may expect a substantial amount of salary growth, promotion, and rewards. If you plan to join the revolution, there is no specific time or stage to do so. You can be a college graduate, a fresher or an industry veteran. Taking an Android Training and certification program and learning the concepts will give you added edge to get hired as an android app developer to gain best out of the technology market.

According to a popular survey for fresh graduates, the average salaries range from 85 thousand rupees (per year) to 4 lac rupees depending on the employer that they choose.

So there you have it, no doubt Android is not going to die at least over the next few years, there’s a lot of dependency on this OS and it is almost impossible to kill it and overcome Google. But I think there are so much android apps floating in the market, as a customer you cannot install every single app on your smartphone. So I think customer focus will slowly start moving to mobile sites instead of Android applications but this is only theoretical and I might be wrong.

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