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career in cloud computing is highly rewarding, as it offers an exciting new method of planning, developing, testing and implementing IT projects, quicker and more convenient ways to provision compute resources and a switch from traditional IT financial accounting to a new operational expenditure (OPEX) model.

But being attracted to a career in cloud computing is one thing, landing your first job is another. So, in this article, we cover the most important steps you need to take in order to develop your cloud knowledge and transform yourself into a highly valued cloud computing expert.

There are broadly three kinds of roles in cloud computing.

1. Cloud deployment engineer
2. Cloud application engineer
3. Cloud platform engineer

Cloud deployment engineer: This deals with running an application in the cloud and involves aspects such as deployment architecture, cloud API, automation, scaling.

Cloud application engineer: This deals how to build an application ‘for the cloud’ and involves aspects such as SaaS principles, multi-tenancy, design for scalability and others

Cloud platform engineer builds a cloud platform.

In my opinion for any career, experience pays unless it’s compensated by immense acquired knowledge.

Cloud computing is not an entirely new concept but a lot more emphasis on data center automation/centralization. Your target could be

• A CSP (Cloud service provider) – This would require more of an infrastructure background. Knowledge/experience in virtualization, various Operating system, Scripting, networking could be handy

• An Organization migrating to Cloud – This would typically require a strong understanding of cloud computing and the tech stack that the organization is to migrate.

• An Organization already in the cloud but requiring help – This could be a mix of cloud support and cloud migration. Addressing challenges that have been identified due to the earlier migration.

I would suggest getting a basic understanding about Cloud computing first (maybe AWS foundation course), the delivery model (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS), deployment model (Public, private, hybrid and community) Cloud vendors (AWS, Azure, Google, etc.)

Cloud solution architecture, I believe would be something for a person with Enterprise Architecture background and will be most useful in an organization migrating to the cloud.

Getting practical training is always a very good option. Most of the time while learning from the online courses, what happens is that the learner loses interest from the subject in the midway, so try this thing does not happen to you. Keep yourself motivated.

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