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AWS, OR AZURE, AWS is the leader in cloud market while Azure is fast catching up. Both of them are in public cloud space. Lot of SMBs are moving their businesses to the public cloud as it relieves them from managing the underlying Infrastructure. Thus you may see a lot of opportunities coming in them.

While the big businesses like banks and telecom companies are still a bit skeptical about running their production on the Public Cloud. So they are planning to create their own Private clouds in which OpenStack is emerging as a leader. Lot of big companies like Redhat, HP, Oracle, etc. have their own versions of OpenStack in both public and private clouds. So I expect a lot of great opportunities coming in OpenStack as the product establishes itself.OpenStack had a real high spike when it came into the picture and trust me a lot of companies invested a lot in it. For example, Cisco invested heavily in OpenStack and now they are shutting down their cloud business.

Although OpenStack is really cool and promising other players like AWS are already penetrated very well in the market.

Microsoft Azure has an added advantage and most of Enterprise companies use a lot of Microsoft stuff and Azure fits in very well there.

In terms of offerings, Azure, OpenStack, and AWS present more or less same capabilities to the customers. Each also has their own small unique set of offerings, which the other one doesn’t have, but then they continue to compete at a rapid pace and one-up each other. Both also compete vigorously in terms of lowering the cost of Cloud services, which is an ongoing process. Azure is very promising, and you can choose to make your career around either Azure or AWS regardless, because you will find ample career opportunities around either of them, and both of them do not seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. Plus, many organizations have standardized their enterprise operations through technology provided by Microsoft which allows Azure to fit well in the operations. The demand for Microsoft and AWS certified professionals is ever-growing in the Cloud specialists market, if you wish to become certified, you can take MS Azure and AWS classes.

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